Monday, 13 August 2012

Installing Debian

New to Debian?

Debian comes in a number of different spins with different desktop environment and kernels to choose from, you can have debian with a bsd, linux or even with the Hurd kernel, although I am advised that hurd is highly unstable and unusable. It also comes with gnome, kde, xfce, and lxde, as well as supporting many, many processor architectures. I have a 64 bit core i3 on this box so I am installing->

Debian GNU/Linux KDE AMD64bit edition version 6 (Squeeze)

I decided to go for a minimal iso image, this is known as a net install, as the bootable iso image is very small and all of the files are meant to be grabbed from the net. This was a bad idea, the OS loaded in 640x480 graphics mode with Gnome 2 (welcome to 2006)

I tried to run an apt-get update, and sudo wasn't installed, either was apt, either was anything actually. This system was too bare bones from me, I am not an expert and didn't want to have to build the entire OS, although it would be cool if I knew how to do it. I also joined the debian forum, looks like a good community - but they make it clear they wont spoon feed you.

Here is an quote from the forum -

it is possible that people are feeling put off by your post for some reason. So check for these things in your post:

1. Sarcasm twards Debian, this will often times put people off.
2. Have you tried to find resources to help yourself? Make sure that you are listing as much of the things that you have done to try and remidy the problem you are having on your own. Most people here enjoy helping others, HOWEVER... Make SURE you have read "What we expect you to have done already." as we want to teach you how to help yourself so that you can later help others. *If you are not willing to do any of the legwork for yourself why should we do all the work for you? We are not paid to be here, we are all volunteers. If you are just looking for handouts it maybe best to look for a different distribution as Debian may not be meant for you. Distribution Forums Like Ubuntu's are good for this type of mentality.

They want you to work for your graphics drivers, they wont make it an easy ride.

I decided to get a bigger iso image and downloaded the latest debian with kde and installed it, again the graphics are running at 640x480 - my 1st goal is to get the NVIDIA drivers installed and get my graphics back. The install is pretty nice, similar to most distros, and kde 4 loaded up nicely. 

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